July 29th, 2013


I will update tomorow, buuut ... ^^'

Woah, thanks a lot to tihojenebo & also micchan & chibiyumikop for their kindness, this post don't have any longer purpose, because the warning for the ads and the reduction of userpics, but also the storage of picture is no longer an issue for me. Thank you really much, both of you ! <3333

Hello everyone ! :)
Just to let you know that I plan tu update tomorow, but I do have recieved this message via my emails about my blog :

[The message (click to view it)]

Your LiveJournal paid account for user tenshin26100 has expired.

You can continue to use the site, but the features of your paid account will be deactivated.

Additionally, the following add-ons have been deactivated from your account. Any remaining time has been saved and will be reapplied if you later decide to renew your paid account. - Extra Userpics (1 package): 157 days saved

If you'd like to renew your subscription, you have two options:

Automatic payments -- Avoid the hassle of renewing manually and set up automatic payments here:
Manual payments:


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us by replying to this email. We want to keep you happy. :)

LiveJournal Team

So in case you see any ads or anything else, just don't worry, I'm just too broke to renew for now.
I will renew in a few weeks, my bank account is now blocked because of my lack of money, so be patient with me ! :)

Thanks for reading ! <3