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Hello everybody ! :)
Better late than never, I finally come and have the time to share with you all the other part of the NicoNico broadcast aired the 22th July 2013. The broadcast lasted for around an hour for everyone who had a NicoNico Douga's account, and then, an another segment were available to watch only for the people who suscribed to G's paid blog on the same website. Least but not last, I were able to get the premium members quality of this video as well. Anyway, in that segment, they talk in the begining of Dragon Ball Z, and of the importance of the voice actors, that the character is truly who he is wich THAT voice and not someone else if I understood it well. In fact, I looove this video because he did have mimiced one of the Dragon Ball's character, and again made probably the voice of the Gundam character Amuro Ray I think. At the end, they seems to say that they will do such shows again with an another manga, probavly JOJO ! :)

The quality is the same as the previous video of the show, so I hope you'll enjoy it though, and yeah, he's smoking on that part of the show ! :)
Please use HJsplit to join all the parts together in order to watch the show, thank you !!

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