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Well, the few last days, I was invited to the wedding of a really really dear friend of mine in a city around 300 Km away of where I live. The road with two other friends was damn awesome. While we were dancing on many songs, we all danced (as much as possible in a car xD) Koakuma Heaven, the driver as well ! xD I'm only sharing this right now because I had to go to with my mom for something quite important, so this post was of course delayed (thanks the timeshifting lol), so I hope you're okay with it. Anyway, in this video, GACKT and other co-hosts are talking about many things related to the japanese manga called "WORST". In that show, he's doing quite a lot of mimics and some strange poses, I find that quite funny since I don't understand anything of this show ! :P

This is the public and free part. Sure, premium quality was needed to share with you this, but the members only version will come either tomorow or the day after tomorow. I need to re-record it so I can share it to you all ! <3
Please use HJsplit to join all the parts together in order to watch the show, thank you !!

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