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Well, yesterday aired in Japan a show called "Melodix! Premium" wich had as a guest GACKT, with casual clothes but the Best of the Best hairstyle, kinda funny. Anyway, in that show, they were talking about many things, G was, as usual, telling a few of his personal stories, and they were looking at some luxurious watch, from Gucci, wich is really expensive. At the end of this talk, GACKT is performing the awesome song Claymore, wich is the first TV performance he made of this song ! <3

There were some "glitches" when at the end of the talk he pronounced the name of the song he was about to perform, and also at the begining of this performance. While the talk part is definetly HQ, the live is a little bit less great about the video quality, but I still hope you'll enjoy it :)
Please use HJsplit to join all the parts together in order to watch the show, thank you !!

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Current Music: GACKT - Claymore