July 14th, 2013

Best of the Best

[Review] GACKT - Best of the Best Vol.1 Limited Album Box (Mild + Wild) ~DVD Vers.~

Ohaii everyone ! :)
Since a little bit amount of time since I've recieved the limited box of GACKT, I wanted to do a sort of review of the contains and everything that will have inside the two albums, wich is the DVDs, but also the songs themselves. I'm doing this review for those who haven't been able to buy the two newest GACKT albums. In fact, except that there's no barcodes behind the albums of the box, there's truly nothing that will change, so you shouldn't worry about this ! ^_^

This is a review based on my own interpretations of the things. I will try my best to be as much as possible fair and honest in my review, so I do hope you'll like it though. :)


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