July 11th, 2013

Best of the Best

[Scans] GACKT - Best of the Best Vol.1 Limited Album Box (2 BotB albums + Exclusive photoset) ~HQ~

Hiii everyone ! :)
It's been a little while without updates, but hey, I was busy preparing all these lovely scans for you all so you can enjoy the beauty of the recent GACKT releases, wich are his two new albums. But that's not all. Since I've got the limited box wich contains his two newest albums with also a set of 6 exclusive and lovely pictures, I'm gonna share with all these lovely photos in gorgeous HQ as well. There's one thing I have not scanned ... the item that allows you to your two albums to stand straight ! LOL

As usual, I haven't scanned the pages that contained the lyrics only. However, there's some pictures with lyrics on it, those are the only exceptions ! :)
Please note that the scans behind the cut aren't their full quality versions. You'll need to download them to view the pictures in full HQ, thanks !

As usual, it's your comments that makes me able to continue sharing so much, so if you want to ... I would really enjoy it ! ^_^


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