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07 July 2013 @ 10:27 pm
I can't believe it's been almost 3 consecutive months that I've been recording every Fridays the show Asia Versus, with GACKT as a judge. Time flies really fast I must say, but I'm not getting bored of this show strangely. It's like a daily routine, like I know he will have a different look every weeks, and from my side, I've learned to cut every shows (for the GACKT-cut) in the same ways, so yeah, a routine, that's how it's called. Anyway, this one was a little bit longer than usual ... GACKT talked more, that's why ! :P

As usual, a great video quality, I try to stay in the same kind of HQ quality for every shows of Asia Versus, to not disapoint you sort of. :)

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Current Music: Gackt - GHOST
Hello again ! :D
A little entry to tell you all that I've updated my blog with the two missing clearfiles that I've got from the awesome (and really nice) Miyuki. In fact, I won't do a specific entry for those two pictures, but instead I have uploaded a new zipped folder with all the previous BEST OF THE BEST scans I've made in the past with those two clearfiles ! :)

Wanna get them ? Click on either of one of these two lovely pictures and you'll be redirected to the proper entry ! ^_^

01_thumb    02_thumb