July 5th, 2013

Best of the Best

[TV] GACKT - Best of the Best 04th Birthday Concert (2013.07.05) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
I must say, I do have promised you all a show who was coming from a picture posted in my previous entry, but since then, I've got to record the BEST OF THE BEST footages shown on the morning news in Japan television. I must say, I was so happy to see some footages of GACKT's birthday live, it was so cute seeing him with cat ears ... but they also shown GHOST. I must say they have well choosen the footages, for sure ! :P

This is my own recordings wich features the first two set of footages of this live concert in one video. The 3rd one, shown by ZIP!, doesn't contain much more footages, so I haven't added it in my video. :)

Best of the Best

[NicoNico] GACKT - Talk with DuelJewel (2013.07.05) ~HQ~

Hello to everyone ! :)
Well, yesterday, there was a NicoNico Douga's broadcast featuring GACKT with DuelJewel as the host. In that show, wich was more a talk show than an interview, and it features many kind of informations about various stuff like new GACKT stories about his childhood, but it's also showing us more in detail how the BES OF THE BEST album limited box actually looks like. But that's not all, as a premium NicoNico member, I were able to watch and record the 25 minutes long premium part, wich I will call "premium corner" that features G, talking more about his two new PVs (Claymore & Sakura Chiru), but also about other stuff ! ^_^

It's a bit darkish, but that's how it looked like on my computer, wich is weird because sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. They are both in HQ, so feel free to pick up the part you want, they are both in the same quality ! ^_^

Even if I do not reply to your comments lately a lot, I do see them. So a thank you is still appreciated if you take it, thank you ! <3