July 3rd, 2013

Best of the Best

[Spoiler] GACKT'S BIRTHDAY 2013 - Secret Words + Reward

Hello everyone ! :)
I will do quickly that entry to share with you all all the 5 secret words of
GACKT's birthday countdown that are revealed every hours if you let the webpage opened during that time. Like every years, they give you some clues about a word to guess, and once you've find the right one, you need it to unlock the secret door along with the DEARS STORE goods page (that aren't updated for now). Well, this is mainly if you're interested to get the words in advance or if you know you won't be here at the end of the countdown, nothing else ! ^_^
Don't ask me how I got the secret words that aren't revealed yet. While it's not that complicated to get them, it doesn't mean I will give the way to get them. ^_^

Keep in mind that it will reveal you what the wallpaper will be before you can get it on the official website. So check under the cut at your own risks ! :)


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