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27 June 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Hello everyone ! :)
Seems like I'm godamn late to share with you all a download link for the last Asia Versus aired the 21th June, right ? Well, by taking a look to the view count on Dailymotion and the number of downloads I get for every episodes, I don't think I can be blamed a lot for that. Anyway, this episode is like the last time, an episode wich will be shorter due to be a sort of "best of" of all the preious performances and they end up picking up a winner of the month between the winners of the past shows that have been aired this month. :)

What can I say except that I'm sorry for being late ? xD Nothing else, I've no excuses for this, so I still hope you'll enjoy it ! ^^

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Current Music: GACKT - Claymore