June 26th, 2013

Best of the Best

[Edited] GACKT - De PON Music Quizz Wallpapers ~HQ~

Hello everybody ! :)
The last wallpapers that I've shared are indeed awesome, and yesterday, I tried installing it on my mother's PC with a combined version of the two sides of his face (aka the limited cover editions of the album), but her Windows Vista didn't had the ability to resize correctly the wallpaper so it can fit in full screen the two pictures. It might look confusing, but to make it simple, I did have cropped and joined all the 4 size versions of the last wallpapers so you can use that edit on your own computer without having trouble with it ! ^_^

It's not that much for today, I know, but at least, each edits respect the original sizes that were available on the music quizz game ! ^_^

No credits necessary for the edits, I mean, everyone can do that, so enjoy it ! <3