June 24th, 2013

Best of the Best

[Wallpapers] GACKT - De PON Music Quizz ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, today, besides introducing to us all the new re-recorded songs that will be featured in his upcoming BEST OF THE BEST album, Avex posted on their official website a
Music Quizz featuring the songs of this album. Rules are simple, you've the first few seconds (sometimes only one xD) of a song, and you get 3 answers. You have to pick up the right one of course, and get enough points to complete all the little diamonds/dots so they will shine. Then, at the end, you will get a video message of GACKT himself. You will also get to download wallpapers, but keep in mind that there's 3 different wallpapers to get, all in beautifull quality ... so beautifull that once the albums will be release, it would be useless to share the scanned covers ! xD
The purpose of this entry is to share all the wallpapers in their original quality. Because it requires a bit of patience, and sometimes, it won't give you the right wallpaper, that's why I decide to share them. But I won't share the video, I think you can get it by yourself ! ;)

01_16801050_zubjrhnr 02_16801050_pgurzteh