June 17th, 2013

Best of the Best

[TV] GACKT - Asia Versus (2013.06.14) ~HQ~

Ohayouuuu~ lol
For the 2 upcoming next weeks, I've to apologize in advance, I won't update Asia Versus the same day as the airing date, due to the other show airing right after it. It make things a little bit more complicated for me, since I've to handle two videos in one, and a personal life as well. Anyway, as you may have noticed already, I will however upload it on Dailymotion, so don't forget to check it out. What to say on this Asia Versus ? Well, GACKT was very talkative, more than usual, wich is a good point. Did I said that I'm looking forward of how he will looks like next week ? :P

Do I need to say as well that it's the usual HQ recorded from japanese television that I've provided with the other Asia Versus as well ? Yes ? Oh, ok ! xD


[Sales Post] GACKT stuff to sell + L'arc~en~Ciel & A.B.S. goods ! (Awesome LQ prices xD)

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, I hate doing these posts, but if I do them, it means I really do need some money. In that case, since I don't have a job yet, I need to find money somewhere, and this time, it's to buy the upcoming MOON SAGA releases with GACKT. So be gentle with me and buy everything, ok ? xDD *joke* Anyway, what I will be selling here is a bit of GACKT goods, L'arc~en~Ciel Tour Goods with some Abingdon Boys School Tour Goods as well. For the GACKT part, it will include another BRAND NEW french magazine with an exclusive interview of him inside, and 6 old fanclub DEARS magazine, all in awesome condition ! ^_^

Also, if you've followed my past sales, I'm NOT putting high prices for the stuff I'm selling, because my goal is only to gain money, not to make profits on your back ! :)

The sale post will be permanent, so except prior notices, it's first come, first serve. Make sure to read the instructions before anything else.


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