June 11th, 2013

Best of the Best

[TV] GACKT - サクラ、散ル/Sakura Chiru {Short Vers.} ~HD~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, for those who have been wondering where the Asia Versus of last week have been, I did have uploaded it on my Dailymotion accoubt only right now, because I do lack of time to do other things. Plus, lately, there's not every single day when I've not something awesome and new to upload, so yeah, I will upload it, but it might be tomorow right now. Okay, this is probably something you might have not expected if you're not following the news, but the PV of Sakura Chiru, aka one of the two new songs of GACKT have been shown on Japanese television. Of course, I'm not the one who recorded it, but because I don't know if the original uploader want to be credited, I'm not saying anything. The only clue I can give is that it's a torrent website. That song is just beautifull, and the PV, while being totally different from Claymore, is definetly beautifull. It also features many scenes from Moon Saga stage play, and all of this, not in HQ, but in HD please ! ;)

Keep in mind that I haven't cut the video, this is definetly a short version, like Claymore was. We will need to wait until the albums to be released probably to see more. ^_^
I highly recommand you to use the latest version of VLC Media Player to view it properly, thank you !