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Helloooooo~ !!!~
I'm very glad of all of you who commented in my previous entry. In fact, I've got more comments that I would have expected, wich shows me that even if there's stalkers, you will still be here if I really need you, wich is awesome. But keep in mind that when I see a hundred of downloads with less than 10 comments, I would like to see you more, it makes me happy, in the same way I was when I saw all of you commenting my previous entry. Understood ? <3 lol
Anyway, I do have recieved recently my Best of the Best Tour Goods from Japan, a big thanks to
jackycrowe for being kind enough to have helped me on this matter, it means a lot to me. Because you've all been great on my previous entry, I will also share at the same time the whole set of postcards from the tour, wich means it also contains 2 exclusive pictures that have never been shared before. What to say except that I also can't scan the photos who are on both pages due to the size of my scanner, but you all know how it looks like already anyway. I do have also shared the GACKT interview pages, so for those who understand japanese, don't forget to read them all ! =)
Those scans are in true and pure HQ quality, especially for the ones from the pamphlet. The postcards are also in awesome HQ, for their original sizes, it's super great ! :D

A little thank you if you enjoy them would be really appreciated. And as usual, don't forget to check out the download links, wich contains the full HQ versions of the pictures (2500x for the pamphlet, and 1500x for the postcards.) ! =)


~ Gorgeous pictures behind the cut ... ~Collapse )
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Hello everyone ! :)
Well, in fact, I don't think I would have shared the PV available on Youtube, uploaded from the
official Avex channel for us. But I saw some of my german friends being unable to watch it on there due to weird reasons that I don't even know myself. Anyway, here it is, the ALMOST full version of new Claymore PV, wich features a badass GACKT, and a visually stunning promotional video. I love that video really much, the song too of course, but hey, there's a lovely lady and a badass GACKT, what else to expect ? :P
It might not be total HQ, but it's the best quality that can offer Youtube, so until a full and better quality version are shown to us, it's still better than nothing ! :)

BONUS : A macro I've just made. Click on it to view it ! ^^

[PV] GACKT - Claymore (Avex 03:04 Vers.).mp4 (38 Mb)
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I am the only one who noticed this ?
Actually, in the PV, when he's being hit by those "shadows" ...

He's actually smiling !

vlcsnap-2013-06-10-16h05m11s66 vlcsnap-2013-06-10-16h05m54s196
(Random entry, but well, thinking he can play Do-M characters is funny ! lol)
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