June 6th, 2013


[Scans] Fade - FadeFamily@LJ Giveaway Autograph ~HQ~

FadeFamily-Autograph (LJ Version)
(click to enlarge)

Back then, I did have participated to the FadeFamily@LJ contest
wich was about creating a caption for a photo that we were given. As a macro/caption lover,
I haven't resisted to do that for the fun, and at the end, I've ended up in the 3rd rank
at the contest, wich is what I prefer. In fact, I would have left the signed (by the Fade band members) setlist
to the 2nd winner if I did have won, because I prefer looking at a picture than a setlist ! ^_^

So for those who didn't won but who still wanna enjoy the beauty one of the prizes,
I did have scanned my prize, but not in full HQ, to not see it reproduced. That's also why
I did have included credits on the picture itself. Those are autographs after all, much more precious !

Funny Fact : This is my very first Fade stuff that I own, and I looove it ! <3