May 31st, 2013

Laughing GACKT

[TV] GACKT - Asia Versus (2013.05.31) ~HQ~ {GACKT cut}

Hiiiii to everyone ! :)
At the end of this month of May, the broadcast of Asia Versus is the last one for this month, and I must say that this Asia Versus is quite great, more than usual. First of all, when the host introduce him, GACKT say a "Hi !" like he don't really care, it's quite funny to me. Plus, as you probably noticed already, yjou can also see him laughing really hard, but I can't tell you exactly why since I don't understand what's written on the video. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it, see you tomorow for the Haneru no Tobira ! <3

As usual, you can watch the full show on the official website of Asia Versus, but the quality I'm offering you here is far better, so don't wait any longer and enjoy ! =)