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Hello everyone ! :)
To tell you the truth, while I'm writting that entry, the Haneru no Tobira {100 Yen Shop} in HQ is currently being uploaded so you can download it, so for those who can't wait, here's a Dailymotion link
HERE so you can watch it before you download it. Anyway, I'm offering you a beautifull photoshoot made by Seichi Nomura, who also made the Ryu no Kenshin photobook. Most of the photos are in B&W, but the rare few colored photos are totally stunning, I guess I will let you see that by yourself now ! =)
I'm really not proud of how the scans ended up being, the quality of the paper wasn't really great. But despite my previous poll, you did have prefered the original scans, so here they are ! ^_^

Don't forget to check out the DL link for the HQ versions of the pictures ! ^_^


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