May 27th, 2013

GG Monthly 27

[Tutorial] GACKT - How to recognize Fanclub stuff from the others ?

Hello everyone ! :)
First of all, this entry might not be for everyone. I'm in fact doing this sort of "tutorial" for the people out there who want to respect the policy of the fanclub wich is "NO REPOSTING", but since they are not in the fanclub, they can't really know if they are reposting a fanclub picture/video or not. I don't intend to stop such file sharing, nobody can, not even the man himself, but instead, to provide some informations for people who might not be aware of these kind of stuff, nothing more, nothing less. The pictures aren't shared for the sake of sharing the love but only to picture my words and my explanations ! ^_^

Even if some of my friends are openly reposting such stuff, I won't be mad at them, if they decide to do so, it's their choices. Sure I would prefer they don't, but as long they don't kill other peoples, I guess it's fine. Everyone have their own choices, and I respect them all ! ;)

WARNING : This post contains Fanclub pictures. Sure, they are highly edited and altered, so I'm really sorry if you are offended by such behavior, that's definetly not the purpose of that entry ! :)


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