May 18th, 2013

Jo Tegai

[TV] GACKT - Talk + White Lovers at Melodix! (2012.11.25) ~HQ~

In my question to keep bringing you the best GACKT HQ as I can, I'm here with one of the most requested video of our man. This show was, back then, online on Youtube I think, and since then, of course deleted. I do have grabbed that MQ version back then on Youtube, but recently, a mysterious friend (no names until I'm not sure) sent me a HD version of the full show with all the artists who came there. I've performed a GACKT cut of the 6 Gbs file in a really good HQ so you can enjoy that great show once and for all ! :)

I've kept the "introduction" with GACKT in it at the begining of the video, wich weren't available previously on Youtube. it's a little detail, but I wanted to mention it ! ^_^
Join all the parts together with the latest version of HJsplit, thank you !