May 17th, 2013

Nemuri Kyoshiro #4

[TV] GACKT - Asia Versus (2013.05.17) ~HQ~ {GACKT cut}

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, as usual, every Friday is the Asia Versus Day, and this day, it was a quite different show than usual, wich means that it had less GACKT in it. The purpose of this show is to regroup all the winners from the the previous shows and so, the judges (wich GACKT is part of) have to vote for the they think the better. This one will win a special prize, and I'll let you discover by yourself who won. The show might be shorter, but GACKT talked a lot in it, so I think it might be the same at the end ! :)

The video will in the same quality standard as the other Asia Versus that I've previously shared. And once again, he have a new style ! :P