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Hello everyone.
First of all, I truly couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that. Basically, for those who have been wondering what this is all about, a tabloid called FLASH published a story about GACKT raping a 27 years old girl, for 6 hours long. I'm truly not interested about any other details, this is enough stupidity for now.

Ok then, for sure, as long as there's no proof, we can't either says that the victim or GACKT are lying, BUT, we can relate to some stuff happened in the past.
I don't remember everything, but if you look well at the past tabloids, there's something really strange :

- During GACKT's R&R II Tour : Tabloids about him being ruined and who doesn't have money anymore.
- During GACKT's Bunraku shooting : Tabloids about a prostitute he had sex with.
- A bit After Moon Saga's stage play : SYH Charity scandal
- During his Best of the Best Vol.1 Tour : He rapped a 27 years old girl

I'm pretty sure I'm missing some of them or that some of the details are incorrect, but all the tabloids knows well WHEN to publish something, wich means this is in the only purpose to screw up the artist. After all, you all remember Michael Jackson's scandal with children, right ? After his death, those people admitted it wasn't true ... but he had to die to get rid of this things.

Keep faith in GACKT, we are all with you. And I'm also glad to see Japanese people tweeting their support as well. We are all family right ?
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