May 12th, 2013

~ GACKT in Toronto #2 ~

[TV] GACKT - Oshaberi Jungle (2013.04.06) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, there wasn't any updates yesterday basically because I was busy by doing something else ... who literally failed, but I won't give up on this and will try again later. Anyway, while not being sure to have labelled the name of the show correctly, I bring you all a quite recent video in HQ that I've never shared before. A kind hearted DEARS (I don't know if I can tell who you are, let me know ^^) have sent me quite a looot of HQ shows featuring GACKT, and when I say HQ, I should sometimes says HD instead. So I'm gonna share them here slowly, because I guess that's also what my friend want ! :)
Don't be fooled, despite the small file size, the quality is definetly and surely HQ, so enjoy. And by the way, I will also use Rutube ... because it's better to upload in many different places !