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Hello everyone ! :)
As usual, and because I love digging up videos I've never uploaded before on my Livejournal, here I come with a little VTR (?) that I've found, laying down on my computer in a random folder. I must have found this video back then elsewhere, but I can't figure out who uploaded it first, I'm sorry. Anyway, what I can say about that video is that it contains cutted moments from the Domoto Kyoudai of 2009 with GACKT as a guest. If I'm not mistaken, a VTR are moments of a TV show that were initially cut and who are broadcasted later ! ^_^

As usual, and I will of course not repeat it all the time, for those who are wondering (I know there is xD), no watermarks for videos that I've simply found on the internet, that would not be fair for the original uploader ! ;)
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