May 5th, 2013

GACKT in Paris #2

[Press] Gackt - Comment about Shiki (2010.02.21)

Hello everyone ! :)
Today, I've decided to bring back an old video from the dead, indeed, because I had it on my computer for a while, and never shared it out there ... or not as far as I remember at least. This video bring us back in February 2010, when GACKT didn't even have toured once in Europe. For those who didn't know, in the horror anime called "Shiki", he dubbed the character called "Shôjirô Kirishiki", a sort of Vampire, I don't know. Honestly, I'm not into horror stuff, so I've never watched that anime entirely, but still, I hope you will enjoy it, it's really short though ! ^^

This is coming from a sort of press conference about the anime, and back then, in the begining of 2010, I weren't that skilled to rip with a so perfect quality, so don't blame me for it please ! ^^'