May 3rd, 2013

GG Monthly 35

[TV] GACKT - Asia Versus (2013.05.03) ~HQ~ {GACKT cut}

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, like every Friday for the 3rd consecutive week, Asia Versus is airing in Japan, but also in the whole Asia country. In this show, we have, as you may already know, GACKT as one of the judges, being the one from Japan. In this show, like usual, I do offer you a GACKT cut recorded directly from the japanese television, wich doesn't include any performances from any artists or the reviews from the other judges. If you wanna
watch the whole show, everything's available on the official website ! ^_^
The video quality might differ from the video available for the official website, it's because I record it directly from the TV, so I still hope you'll like it ! =)