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Hello everyone ! :)
Well, I do wanted to scan some stuff lately, but I've also a promise to fulfill, who was to share more videos instead of scans, so here I am here. Have you ever heard of Tono to Issho ? It's a japanese anime, which I think who don't have any storyline, except a few funny stories about the samurai who lived in the Sengoku era, like Uesugi Kenshin or Oda Nobunaga. In this special OVA/movie about the anime, there's plenty of funny situations about our favourite samurais, including Uesugi Kenshin, wich is dubbed by GACKT himself. You have a little video
HERE, but there's no english subtitles, and it doesn't cover the part (also at the end) of how GACKT got involved into that anime ! :P
It's the full OVA here, but you should check at 10:00 minutes of the video, you also have another part involving Kenshin, so enjoy it, and don't forget to turn ON the english subtitles ! =)
Join all the parts together with HJsplit in order to view the video, thanks !

In case you have some trouble viewing the video, use the latest version of VLC Media Player ! =)
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