April 6th, 2013


[TV] GACKT - Talk + Episode.0 at Vocaloid FujiTV SP (2013.04.06) ~Semi-HQ~

Hello evurybody ! :D
Today, on FujiTV (Fuji Terebi), there was a vocaloid special show airing with many Vocaloid songs, like some the top best songs, apparently the makers of those softwares as well, but there was also a little GACKT who popped-up in the show, with some clothes I though I would never see again, his Episode.0 sort of kimono with his purple wig ! In any cases, he do have answered some questions, probably Vocaloid related, and then, did the most unexpected thing ... singing as a duet Episode.0 with the virtual Gakupo at his side on stage, that was really great I think, and unique ! :)

The quality is better than the previous video I've shared, let's say that someone shared with me a stream who was pretty HQ, so I hope you will enjoy it ! :D

[TV] GACKT - Talk + Episode.0 at Vocaloid... par Tenshin26100