April 1st, 2013

Dragon Ball Z ~Gogeta~

Dragon Ball Z, GACKT, but also a bit of me ! =)

The new Dragon Ball Z : Battle of Gods movie is now finally released, fuck yeeeaaaaaahhhhh !!!!!!

The bad side of it, is that I can't be in Japan right now to get THIS, that you're supposed to get for free when you go and book a ticket to watch the movie ... and yeah, for once, it's not GACKT related, I know ! xD
I've been a fan of this franchise since forever, and if you would ask me to either meet the author of that manga or GACKT, I would hesitate a lot in order to make a proper choice. In any cases, I know some illegal footages have surfaced around the internet for that movie, but I wish to watch it either with a DVDrip or if it's released overseas, it's something sacred for me, so I wanna watch it in the best conditions as possible.

~ So much memories, it was one the best day of my life, for sure !!!!! ~

Okay, so now, let's talk about GACKT, yeah, he come in 2nd in this entry ! :P
Lately, I've got plenty of stuff to share since I've backed up all my GACKT videos & photos from my old computer to the new one. It will allow me to, at the same time share again some old videos previously deleted due to Megaupload's issue, but also to share videos I never had the chance to share before. I also plan to redo this week the scans of the YFC Europe Tour 2010 pamphlet, who also contains the YFC Master positions, so I hope I will get enough time to do it this week. Oh, by the way, I haven't renewed my Fanclub membership, wich makes me a non-fanclub member from now on. The reason are multiples, but it's mainly because if I renewed, my bank account would be really in trouble. Plus, the lack of advantages of being overseas was also something to take in consideration for me.

~ I'm currently playing this awesome game, Red Dead Redemption, I love it really much !!!! ~

Well, talking now about my own life, I've tons of stuff to talk about, so I will try to make this really short.
First of all, I think I shouldn't put my trust in people that easely, even if it's sometimes obvious that I should. From now on, I guess it will be really hard for me to trust someone as deep as I'm used to. Doesn't mean I will dig a hole and go in it, no, it's just that I will simply hold myself enough time to see by myself if I should do it or not.
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Until then ... take care everyone ! <3
(and no April's fool joke this year, I'm not in the mood for it ! xD)