March 25th, 2013


[Sales Post] GACKT - French magazine + Monthly Gackt Global Vol.14 (Awesome HQ condition xD)

Hello everyone ! :)
For some special stuff, I decide to get rid of all of these magazines. The reason why I'm selling those are really simple, back then, I did have buyed 2 of each in order to keep one unused, so the second one was used as the regular one that I can read or wathever. So because I really need money right now (upcoming birthday of friends), I'm selling those. In addition of the mags, I'm also selling the MGG Vol.14, fanclub magazine ONLY. The reason ? That damn Mukunoki, who sent it to me without any notices, so before he did, I did have bought it back then via Celga ... without knowing I would recieve a 2nd one later. So why keeping two of them while I can make someone happy with it, right ? :)

The prices won't be abusive, by that, I mean that I won't be more than the price written on the front cover. My intention is not to make profits, but to make money of them. I might turn a 4,95€ into 5€ to make things easier, but that's it ! xD

The sale post will be permanent, so except prior notices, it's first come, first serve. Make sure to read the instructions before anything else.


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