March 13th, 2013

Uesugi Kenshin

[TV] Gackt - Returner at Music Japan (2007.06.22) ~HQ~

Hello mina-san ! :)
In the process to re-upload old GACKT videos previously deleted from Megaupload, I'm trying to offering you from now on plently of little videos you might not find anymore, or at least not on this quality if you weren't in the fandom back then. This live performance of the song "Returner" was made back then in 2007, when he was wearing that outfit (I wonder if it's really the same) he had during his PV. I'm pretty sure you will like this performance, so enjoy !

A little note about this. Such old videos I'm currently sharing weren't recorded by me, so despite the fact I can't credit the first person who shared it, I will never put any sort of watermarks on it, just sayin' it ! ^_^