March 3rd, 2013


[Scans] Fade - My Rock Magazine (Pictures Only) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, as promised on Twitter, here is the picture featuring Jon's interview about Fade in the December-January2013 issue of the french magazine called "My Rock". For the information, GACKT did appeared back then with exclusive pictures never released in Japan
HERE but also later HERE as well with Hyde. I did have scanned the interview page, but it was in an english translation purpose, so I won't share it right now. Instead, the french transcription, or if you prefer, the scan, will be available only on, while the english translation will come really soon over there. This picture was taken in Paris, the same time as those from GACKT were taken, while the interview have been made at almost the end of 2012. Thanks again Line. for that, I owe you a lot ! <3
The cover picture won't come in ultra HQ since it's not the purpose of this post. However, click on the Jon picture to view the picture in the original HQ quality.

Why I share this only right now ? Well, I'm working with the French Fade ST, so I had some stuff to respect first ! ^_^