February 16th, 2013


[SSTV] GACKT - Redemption + Orenji no Tayou + White Lovers at ALN (2013.02.02) ~HQ~

(I hate that new way of posting entry, I can't switch back to the old one ... -_-')
Hello everyone ! :)
Well, as usual, I'm damn late, but it's something you've all been used to lately with me, right ? I won't say that I've personal issues and that is the cause of being late because it's always the case, so instead, I will say that ... is the main reason of me being late ! xD Anyway, I did have ripped the .ts file of the full All Live Nippon (the person want to keep it secret apparently) do perform a GACKT cut from that show. I did have included a bit of the opening, because it was fun for me to hear the girls screaming more for GACKT than any other artists ! xD

You have the two previous performances that I've shared before, and While Lovers in the same video. The quality have almost not been changed from the original file, only a biiit reduced, so I hope you'll enjoy it !
Join all the parts together with the latest version of HJsplit in order to watch it ! ^_^

You may have to use your FB account or to create an account on the hosting website in order to download it ! ^_^