February 2nd, 2013


[SSTV] GACKT - Redemption + Orenji no Tayou at ALN (2013.02.02) ~Semi-HQ~

Hello ! :D
Today aired on the paid channel "Space Shower TV" (SSTV) the All Live Nippon show, concert who featured many artists last year. In this concert, GACKT was invited to sing two songs, the legendary Redemption (I loove it xD) and Orenji no Tayou, but he recieved a surprised arrival from Kiryuuin Shou, the singer of the band Golden Bomber. This man claim to be the biggest GACKT fanboy ever, so as a big fanboy, he had to surprise him on stage like this. I really enjoyed GACKT's reaction about this. Seems like he was expecting him to come, but not in such conditions ... really funny ! xD

The video is a 480p rip of the Youtube version available HERE. I didn't though converting the video into .avi would be great for the video quality, so I decided to keep it that way ! ;)
Use the latest version of VLC Media Player in case you have troubles playing the video ! :)

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