January 26th, 2013


[Scans] GACKT - Pati Pati (November 2012) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Because I've no plans to stop scanning what I've recieved for my birthday from an awesome friend, here's the 2nd magazine in the row that I'm offering to you all the scans of the Pati Pati with GACKT on cover. This photoshoot is really special, for the reason that it's for now the first and only photoshoot he decided to show clearly his tatoo on his back. For the information, he did it for the Tsunami who devastated north Japan back then in March. It features a main dragon, with (that's what I see only ^^') one or two others surrounding him. It's really beautifull, and trust me, it's quite rare for me to say that, but the details in the drawing are just perfect ...

As usual, to see the double sided pictures with the interview, check darkness_kai's entry HERE and enjoy her work as well ! =)


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