January 19th, 2013

Gackt on NicoNico

[TV] GACKT - Saturday Night Chubaw (2012.01.07) ~ MQ English Subs~

Hello everyone ! :)
I though today to go back, back then, when there were brighter days, when Megaupload was still alive. Remember, it was one year ago, and it was the first time that all my files got deleted in a row. But today, as to "sort of" remember about that day, I've decided to share what I did have hardly recorded back then on japanese television. First, that person will recognize herself, that person who helped me to do that, so thanks to you, I've recorded that show for everyone. Then, secondly, I would like to thanks
yuki_kumi for subbing this show, who's definetly funny, but also excused_early, aka Valscard, who did the translation so it was something possible to sub it. This show is really dear to me, for many reasons, that's why I'm offering it to you once again ! :)
I hope the persons above won't mind to see it shared again since I can't find the original entry where it was shared back then ... ^^'
Join all the parts together with the latest version of HJsplit, thank you !

Seems like you need to register in order to download. Use your FB account if you have to do so ! ^_^