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29 October 2012 @ 02:00 pm
Hello everyone ! :)
Well, lately, I've been updating my blog times to times,
but only in F-locked. The reason is quite simple, all my files got deleted, and the recent episodes of Akumu-chan wich I performed a G-cut on it must stay locked, at least while it's still broadcasted on NTV (NihonTV). My mood isn't great lately because my mother made a CVA, for the second time in 4 years, so I was with her when she was admitted to the hospital. The thing is ... the nurses, doctors, neurologists, are 3/4 dumbs, stupid and crazy. If my mom listened to them, she might be dead already. So yeah, now she's at home, having appointements with other doctors, so we will see. I'm really stressed lately, so ... yeah, almost nothing can help me to get out from that crappy mood.

Out of topic, but did you know that on the Nintendo 3DS, you can create your own Mii with a picture taken by the camera of the console ? Yes, you can, and I've tried with a HD screencap of GACKT ... and look at the result. This is HOW the Nintendo 3DS see GACKT ... :P


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Current Music: GACKT - 情熱のイナズマ