October 13th, 2012

Takegami Gackt N°2

[TV] Akumu-chan - Episode.1 (2012.10.13) ~GACKT cut only~ {HQ}

Hello everyone ! :)
Today was broadcasted on NihonTV (NTV) the new drama called "Akumu-chan" where GACKT is playing two characters at the same time, both are two opposites. The first one, called Yumeoji, is the prince on the white black horse coming to the rescue of the lady, who's actually the main character (Ayami), while she's dreaming. It's in fact a dream, so Yumeoji isn't real. Then, there's a 2nd character, who seems like to be a mysterious professor, called Shiki Takashi. Both are completly different, but are they really ?

This video is actually a GACKT cut, I did have cropped the full episode to make it. The quality is slighty the same as the original episode, so I hope you'll enjoy it ! ^_^

GACKT is again playing a bad guy again or not ? We will have to wait until next week probably ! =)