October 2nd, 2012

Oda Nobunaga

[Preview MP3] GACKT - Hakuro (From the end of SB - Moonlight Party drama)

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, today, the new Hakuro's PV of GACKT have been aired on japanese television, but unfortunatly for overseas fans, it's on WoWoW, the most unreachable channel EVER, so because we can't enjoy for now that awesome PV/song, I would like to offer you something different, but still related. At the very end of the drama of Sengoku Basara - Moonlight Party, instead of having the normal ending, there are still some drama scenes while Hakuro is playing ...
BUT the preview is definetly different in some parts, so even though there's the actors voices on it, it's still something you might want to listen before the actual full song ! :)

I'm not usually sharing MP3 because it's one of the most illegal things to share, but since there's the voices of the actors right on the song ... I think it's quite okay ! :)
Oda Nobunaga ~GACKT~

[TV] Sengoku Basara {Moonlight Party} - Oda Nobunaga in Episode.7 ~HQ~

Hello again for today everyone ! :)
Lately, I've managed to get my hands on the HQ versions of the other episodes of Sengoku Basara - Moonlight Party where GACKT does appear in it. This video is a short scene featuring Oda Nobunaga, as GACKT, talking to one of his subordinate, Akechi Mitsuhide. In the history, Mitsuhide betray his master Oda, but he's not that evil in the history books ! xD You can start to see that there's some special effects added to the scene, but you will see later that it's even better than what you've seen before ! :)

The dark colour is hard to keep in a nice quality, but I still think it's a pretty HQ quality, so I hope you will enjoy it as much as you can ! <3