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Hello everyone ! :)
Well, sorry for being late, but I wasn't really feeling well with my left arm and I really needed some extra time to upload that show for you all. First of all, this video is the complete show, I say that because as the uploader mentionned it on Youtube, his/her version lack of the 10 last minutes. In this video, you have an opening with a voice off (Norio Wakamoto, aka Oda Nobunaga in Sengoku Basara, or Cell in DBZ) telling us the story of Moon Saga probably. Then, it's the turn of a live talk show between GACKT and many people who work with him through Moon Saga. The video is almost 2 hours long by the way, and contains some footages of the Moon Saga stage play ! ^_^

The HQ is the same as the other Nicoradi from NicoNico Douga's website with the Yellow Fried Chickenz, so I hope you will enjoy it ! =)
Join all the parts together with the latest version of HJsplit to view the show ! ^_^

Credits aren't necessary if you repost, but a thank you is highly appreciated ! ^_^
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