September 21st, 2012

G10 Anniversary N°2

[News] GACKT - Norton Internet Security 360™ ~HQ Extracted Pictures~

Hello everyone ! :)
As most of you probably already know, GACKT participated to a project with the crappy Norton society who create some softwares against malwares to do a CM and have a dedicated part in their website with plenty of nice GACKT pictures in it. I did have extracted them one by one in their full quality so you all can enjoy them without the trouble to get them from the
official website ! I also put behind the cut the Internet Security commercial for Norton who GACKT plays in it behind the cut in case you missed it !
All of them are the original quality pictures. Some of them have been cropped, but to not lose a bit of quality, they have been saved in .png format for a better view. Enjoy ! ^_^

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