September 17th, 2012

Camui Gakuen ~Snow Festival~

My report of my trip ... to the hospital. ^^'

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, lately, I've been during under a hiatus because I had to go to the hospital doing some tests for 24h straight. Let's say that I really don't like hospital, even though there was pretty nurses ! xD Because I though of my report when I was at under my hiatus, I also took some pictures. There might be one in the report under spoiler, open it at your own risks is you're sensitive on some topics. Let's say that I'm also not that much active lately because my arm still hurts when I move it, but all the details will be in the report under the cut. :)

Almost nothing GACKT related in that topic, so if you're interested of what I've done during my hiatus, feel free to read my report ! ^_^

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