September 10th, 2012


Hiatus for a week ! ^_^

From tomorow, I will be under hiatus 'till 15th September ! :)
[The reasons of my hiatus are here ! ^^]
I will be spending some time to Lyon for two reasons. The first and main one is that I will sleep to the hospital the 13th in order to do some tests about my health and maybe discover where my bad health since 2010 come from, and why not a way to cure me. The results might not come immediatly, but I simply hope to know what I really have, I'm getting sick to always say "I don't know !", while I wait, I can't find a job and earn money basically.
The other days of my hiatus will be spent at my friend's house, maybe it will help me to feel better. The last time I've slept to the hospital was when I were 6 years old, and it wasn't for a good thing. I at least hope the nurses will be pretty ! :P

In my pain, I still wanna wish to my cutie
anei_no_tsuki a good health, you deserve the best support as you can. ^_^

Well then, until then ... I hope this GACKT rumor will fade away, and I wish you all an awesome week. I might be checking my emails/Facebook/Twitter times to times, but without any guarantees.

Adi-Osu !