September 9th, 2012


[Scans] GACKT - Various exclusive flyers (Moon Saga, GACKTxKimono, Chibi, etc...) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
I've noticed that since the begining of September, my updates were exactly of one each two days, and to continue like that, here's a new entry, with a lot of amazing HQ flyers with exclusive HQ pictures of GACKT on some of them. There's also a scan of the woman who play with GACKT during Moon Saga, because I find her really beautifull on that specific picture. A big special thanks to
artcika & mjspice who worked hard to restore the damaged flyer with one of those new pictures of GACKT, thanks also them ! <3 (The Chibi GACKT are renewal gifts from the fanclub, and in fact are also magnets, or bookmarks, I never opened them, who knows ! ^^)
I did have posted both edited flyers, because both of my friends provided different results, so you will be free to pick up the one you want ! ^_^

Credit for scanning if you repost is always nice, the same goes for the comments ! <3

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