September 3rd, 2012

Camui Gakuen ~Snow Festival~

[TV] GACKT - Moon Saga Special Interview (2012.09.01) ~MQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
As promised yesterday on my favourite social networks, I'm offering you the possibility to download and watch the newest GACKT show aired on TV Asahi last night. Thanks to a friend (will edit if he/she want the name to appears), I were able to complete my recording who cut half of the last answer that gave GACKT to the host. In the show, you will see some backstage footages, the small interview, and a bit of the Moon Saga stage play, with some exclusive parts we've never saw before !
All of this is served in a quite decent MQ as you probably all love. You might also notice the small cut made when I've joined my recording and the one of my friend, but nothing bothering I guess, I hope you'll enjoy ! ^_^
Sengokushi GACKT

[TV] Vamps - Special Interview at J-Melo (2012.09.03) ~HD~

Hello everyone ! :)
Today, I decided to share today something really different than usual, because it's definetly not GACKT, but Hyde, in VAMPS. This upload is even more special because as I rarely do, it's the un-converted version that I recorded from my TV. This is the interview aired today on NHK World, from the show called J-Melo. The interview have been made by the beautifull May-J, and at the very end, there's a live from the Chile tour. This is a HD version, not HQ, don't forget ! =)

The format of the video can be a little bit tricky, it's .m2ts, it will play the same as .ts files, with the latest version of VLC MEDIA PLAYER ! ^_^
Join all the parts together with the latest version of HJsplit to view the video.