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Hello everyone ! :)
Well, yesterday, there was a sort of birthday live for the Vocaloid version of GACKT, called Gackpoid (Gackupo, Gackupoid, etc...), on
NicoNico Douga. The thing is, except for having electro vocaloid for the whole show, at the very begining, you had GACKT, in Moon Saga costume, talking a bit about that event, promoting Moon Saga, and then telling us it's gonna start. Basically, NicoNico Douga had a technical problem and had to broadcast the message two times. But even though, I hope you're gonna enjoy the message the way I did ! <3
The first try, you had the begining of the message WITH SOUND, and nothing more. Then, they shown the message a second time, in his full version, excepted that the begining had NO SOUND, for like 3 seconds. I had to mix up those two segments, and then join them together to have the sound for the whole video message. The ratio of the video is also higher ! ^_^

First, thanks to Kiri~chan about what she sent me in private related to this event ! Secondly, thanks to sakura_liz to have linked me to the NicoNico Douga's video ! <3
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