July 19th, 2012

Oda Nobunaga ~GACKT~

[TV] Sengoku Basara {Moonlight Party} - Oda Nobunaga in Episode.1 (2012.07.12) ~MQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
While I'm a little bit late to upload that into my Livejournal, I do hope you've enjoyed the streaming version on Dailymotion to wait a little bit longer. Well, first, a big thanks to
ismara86 to have found the Youku link who have the whole episode online, and also a big thanks to the person who uploaded it over there. Unfortunatly, you had to live in China to be able to view it, because the access was restricted. But it's not the first time I've encountered such problems so I finally ripped the part where GACKT appear as Oda Nobunaga in the episode !
The quality is not that incredible, and the video is a little bit darker than usual (thanks to the constant black background xD), but I still hope you will enjoy the video ! ^_^