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Hello to everyone ! :)
Lately (it's not something recent), I've seen people wo weren't happy about seeing watermarks on stuff who doesn't belong to the person. With a little bit of brain, I just though it would be directed to me (but even though it's not, I'm gonna make this entry anyway xD). I sooooo understand them, I mean, they are simply and totally right to think like that, but I just wanna add a bit of precisions about the REAL reasons who force me to do it.

So feel free to read the story behind the cut. Those aren't excuses, but only and definetly my own reasons & experiences !

Because the LJ-cut & Spoiler function only delete the text (for an unknown reason), this entry will remain like that for now, sorry for your F-page ... ^^'


First of all, a whiiiile back before I created this Livejournal (or even when I knew or make my own english sentences xD), I used to upload tons of videos on my Dailymotion account. I was enjoying posting the videos there, to make them available for everyone, and I actually weren't paying attention to what's being done outside of my Dailymotion account.
But then, because I was constantly checking Dailymotion video results when you was searching "gackt" in it, I came across, quite often a cetain channel (I won't give any names in public) who were re-uploading into her account ALL the videos I've ripped myself from websites or that I found, constantly right after me. They have a website, so I tried then to discuss with them about that on their chatbox (I don't know if they still have one), and they were having fun of me because I'm not talking their language, and when they said something in english, it was "I do what I want, there's nothing who prove what you say, it's OUR videos !", and then, they continued laughing at me ... I was sad, angry, but also pissed-of to see such reactions.

I was a total & stupid noob in computers back then, so I stupidly googled how to put watermarks on videos (because I though it would stop her/them/him to do that), and so, I found a sort of plugin who's allowing you to insert pictures on videos ... now, I find that quite crappy and ugly ! LOL (Check the picture above to see my first watermark)
I admit to have used it for a moment, and it was for the whole duration of the video, because back then, I didn't know how to insert something only for a few seconds. That way, that person stopped saying bullsh*t about me, but also stopped to re-upload right after me EVERYTHING I were uploading. Later, I've learned how, instead of inserting a picture, how to put "writting" in videos, it was also my first steps into making subtitles.
I were young (yeah, I think it's a great excuse xD) before, so I was stupid enough to let the watermark "Tenshin26100" during the WHOLE video. I then learned later how to insert it WHERE & WHEN I want it on the video, like for example in the latest GACKT show on TV, called "ROCK YOU", for only a few seconds ! =)

Why putting watermarks on your videos, you wanna own the stuff who doesn't belong to you ?

- Hahaha, definetly not, otherwise, if I wanted to do that, I would put watermarks on EVERY videos I'm sharing (I mean for the last few years), thing I'm not doing. The only purpose of why I insert watermarks is to prevent myself to see stupid people wanting to have fame of stuff I'm only sharing as a pleasure. If I wanted to get fame and to own the stuff I'm sharing, I would for example piut watermarks on my scans, news pictures, every single videos, for the WHOLE duration, thing I'm not doing anymore.

Then, stop doing it, we know the videos are coming from you !

Well, I won't totally stop it, and I've a good reason for that.
Do you remember what happened with
J-Music.tv website ? They were pretending to upload videos and to have the legal rights to share them, when they were only re-uploading stuff seen on the internet. They used the EVER PV I've ripped back then to lie on people, and I recognized it ONLY because it was some defaults at the begining of the video. There was no names, so they wanted to use the video for their own goals, but because I was the one who inserted those sort of "defaults" without being able to do anything, I knew it wasn't a video they got from GACKT staff.
So unless I put a little tiny watermark (sometimes, it's like what, 3x2 seconds for a 20 minutes video), such things can always happen. Have you ever noticed that lately, for the videos, I weren't asking to credit me for the videos anymore ? It's only because I simply don't really care to see the video re-uploaded, as long that person don't say they worked so hard on it and so, to own all the work I've put to it.

As a few exemples, why I don't wanna see such things happening :

- I have spent almost non-stop 48 hours to encode, edit, and many other stuff of the Berlin YFC Concert broadcasted on NicoNico Douga.
- I've spent at least 1 day straight for the Bochum concert on NicoNico Douga.
- Worked a minimum of 2-3 hours non-stop for each of the newest Music Japan I've provided (even though I haven't put any watermarks so far.)
- Around 3-4 hours (if I remember well) for the King's Brunch show with the Yellow Fried chickenz. Yeah, I had to edit EACH segments (4 in total) separetly to give them the correct FPS, the perfect ratio, the same encoder for the sound, and then, append them all together.

- Had to spend an incredible amount of time to find a way to loggin to the server who was hosting the EVER PV back then, to outerpass the security behind it.

Those are really few exemples. Unless it's a old video I haven't ripped myself, it's always a really hard work for me to bring them here, in a .avi format that almost will be able to watch. (I could bring faster .mkv, MP4, .flv, but not everyone like them)
Oh, and if you still think I'm only seeking for excuses, can you guess then why I haven't put ANY watermarks on the Fade Ustreams I've shared recently ? The goal is the same, recognizing my own video and allowing the others to do the same if they wanna steal them for their stupid fame, and the adds who appear on the screen are in japanese, but also in french. It's enough for me, I know I recorded it, that's all !

Sorry for this messy entry, I just though that I owe explanations to all of you for doing this. Even though I so understand your choice to dislike that a lot, please understand me, thank you !

And for those who are almost insulting me for doing that, if you hate that, find yourself the unwatermarked versions of the videos I've shared and who contains some, you will then see if there's plenty of nice people who share their newest videos out there or not ! *bitching mode*
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