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Hello everyone ! :)
Today, the
GACKT X KIMONO PROJECT website have updated (for the third time since he have been launched, check HERE & THERE for the previous updates) with new kimono to show and to sell. As usual, GACKT is the one who's wearing those, and I must say that I quite like them, even though I prefer the previous ones. But I really REALLY love them too, so that's why I'm gonna post them all here under the cut ! <3

The pictures are the original pictures extracted from the website. No screencaps, the source is the website itself, for the best quality as possible. Hope you will like them ! =)

EDIT : Broken links have been fixed, sorry for the trouble ...

~ Wanna see gorgeous GACKT behind the cut ? ^_^ ~Collapse )
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Hello to everyone who's following me here, but who are not in my F-list ! :)
Lately, maybe you thought that such problem might come from your internet or your own computer, look :

Well, now, the problem have been solved, you should all be able to display correctly the pictures, and this, even the latest GACKT x KIMONO pictures !

Sorry, and now, enjoy !
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