June 30th, 2012

Sengokushi GACKT

[Ustream] Fade - Online Chat (2012.06.29) ~Original Quality~

Hello everyone ! :)
I promised to my followers on Twitter (and to Fade fans as well) that when the band Fade (with Jon as a vocalist) will perform an Ustream broadcast, I will be here to record this event, and that's what I made. In this short Ustream show, they were about to perform and begin the first concert of their upcoming Japan tour, so they talked a bit about that. They shown us some goodies who will be on sale ONLY during the tour, with shirts for girls & guys. As always, I'm really enjoying those moments, it's like we are with them in real life. If you're a Fade fan, then, definetly watch that broadcast, and try to attempt to a future one ! ^_^

A little fact who surprised me while I was about to play Pokémon while following the stream is that they spelled two times (if I remember well) my username "tenshin". I've immediatly renounced to play Pokémon ! LOL

Click here to watch the whole Ustream broadcast on Youtube !